Headmaster’s Message

Within every child there is a brilliance and perfection waiting to be uncovered. This discovery is the essence of the Lilian Kibo education and is an approach of significant appeal to many who are looking for something substantial and lasting for their children.

Much of the work we do is to help students strengthen their powers of concentration and attention so they can tackle anything with confidence and efficiency.

Stepping from childhood to adult hood requires the provision of the finest material which will bring clarity to his mind and openness to his heart. He needs to learn to speak well and be at peace with all around him.  This is why we provide opportunities to learn, debate philosophical and ethical issues, and to discuss matters of social and personal importance.

Our approach to each child is that he should develop a vision of how he can serve and contribute to society and mankind. He is helped to see how he can gain the necessary mastery of practical and social skills while holding to what he knows to be unchanging and true. Our aim is that he should grow spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically and that this will show itself in his actions.

Our curriculum is academically testing and our results are most encouraging despite the fact we do not select students solely on the basis of their academic abilities. Students develop their strengths and talents and help each other overcome their weaknesses. Learning support is offered where needed.

Education, which aims to release the brilliance of all students, requires dedicated staff. Parental surveys regularly highlight this feature of life at Lilian Kibo High school. To us, your child is precious; a jewel to be unearthed; at peace with himself and a friend to all.

Please come and see us. You are most welcome.