Lilian Kibo High School’s History.

The origins of Lilian Kibo High School can be traced to 2007 when Mr  Kibo Merinyo took the first steps to establish a co-educational day and boarding school for secondary students in Goba area. It was a bold and exciting plan that became a reality when the School enrolled its first  67 students in the year 2008.

The founder, Mr Kibo K.S Merinyo had a clear vision for the School. He wanted to build an outstanding educational community based upon strong principles and best practice in teaching and learning. He employed 14 teachers who shared his sense of purpose, dedication and commitment to hard work in what were often modest and trying circumstances. Their enthusiasm, and the generosity of the parents, saw the School take a firm footing.

New classrooms and boarding facilities were constructed, science facilities improved, new playing fields established and modern dormitories created.  As student numbers grew, the buildings expanded to cater for a greater range of students.

The First Headmaster was Mr Mathai under whose leadership the School continued to prosper.  Clear strategic directions were set and pursued, resulting in major reviews and reform of curriculum and improvements in levels of staffing. Good management and the dedicated support of the community resulted in further physical growth. Renovations in Boarding and classroom facilities all contributed to what became an outstanding educational environment.

The life of the School was also enriched through expansion of the extracurricular programmes and the installation of modern computer technology. In 2009  the school started serving only boarding students  in order to ensure that the growing School maintained the quality of its discipline.

The Lilian Kibo Library was opened in 2009 and this outstanding learning facility for students has become a learning hub for the School community. New Science laboratories were completed early in 2008 designed to support the School focus on the science approach to the education of students. Refurbishment of the School Administration building , the Staff Centre and major renovations to the Boarding Houses will be completed soon to ensure that modern Boarding facilities adequately cater for the needs of our expected number of seven hundred and fifty  Boarding community.

Lillian Kibo School is currently in its 10th year and can reflect with pride on its short history. The heritage of the School has been central to its success and good standing in the region. The atmosphere of the school reflects the positive spirit of both the students and staff.  It is a happy and purposeful place, where good relationships and a common sense of purpose combine to form a strong community.